Haven's art course cultivates three branches: nature illustration, imitating the masters, and art in community. This course teaches specific art mediums: pencil/pen drawing, and watercolors, with the goal of fostering a love of beauty and creating that equips students for creative work and builds confidence for any skill acquisition.
Middle school students study art foundations I+II with a focus on nature notebooking and developing the ability to indentify and imitate great works of art.
High school students
practice botanical and nature illustration while deepening their appreciation and historical understanding of the masters.


Image by Giulio
In the Classical Tradition the arts and sciences have always been intricately woven together. Our music course consists of the study of music through a unique choral experience. Students learn harmony, sight-reading techniques, rehearsal techniques, performance etiquette, and music theory.  Repertoire of music consists of folk, classic choral pieces, and broadway tunes.  Most importantly, students find new bonds in friendship, while sharing the challenges their vocal experiences provide.


Haven's Science through Nature courses are designed to spark wonder, contemplative reasoning, and connections with the natural world.
Middle school students formally study earth and life sciences through living books and the natural world that surrounds us.
High school students study biology, chemistry, and physics with a focus on observation and inquiry; outdoors and in the laboratory. 
Nature is our classroom and weather permitting we meet outdoors. Haven cultivates an understanding of and participation in earth care by integrating permaculture and naturalist skills into our curriculum.